O.B.P.I Art 3D : Description of the project

O.B.P.I Art 3D, projects the spectator in the heart of the piece of work. It ‘s possible to enter, explorate and navigate in real time in the Alessio Orrù’s articulated artwork born from the ballpoint pen drawing “Organica Bismuth Equilibrio”.

They are invited to lose themself in a labyrinth of architectonic shapes to discover hidden facets of the artist’s work, living a unique experience. Not only can the spectator explore the artist’s original creation, they can also participate in the creation of the artwork, extending the borderland of  « Organica Bismuth Equilibrio »  ‘s landscape. They are indispensable to the installation, they can add the new shapes in the style of the artist allowing the artwork to evolve continuously.

The installation blends classicals arts and the emergent technologies.

Short history of the project

The installation o.b.p.i art 3d was born in parallel to o.b.p art 3d where we most particulary concentrated on the 3d printing.
 The spectator exploration into the landscape immedately made me feel like enriching the relationship between the art and the spectator. With O.B.P.I 3D the spectator can take part in the construction of the artwork making it evolve continusly.
But also allowing myself to get surprised by their interventions, i’m confronted by confusion that is brought to the most mathematical order that i  attribute to the architectural shapes.

Interaction and captation system

The sensor device receve the behavourial orchestration
An interactive zone along side the captation center and the cardinal markers are delimited on the floor with a colour tape.
-A simple gestural grammar is program in order to allow the spectator to move inside the artwork and to interact with the drawing:
-Steping allow the spectator to transport them inside the drawing
-The movement of the arms defines the spatial direction.                                           -The gesture of the hand allows the selection and manipulation of the arcitectural shapes.

The Sound

It’s a stereo 3D surround soun system
with five laud speakers which allows a total immersion thank to the spatialization of the sound.

Project Staff

Alessio Orrù is the creator of the project and the drawer. Sensitropes is the product partner. Pascal Taffin of Ovni Studio is 3D modelators. Valentin Taffin of Ovni Studio is a computer programmer, he makes the interaction between the artwork and the public possible. And Charlotte Lanselle is the administrator of the project.

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