Description of the project

Organica Bismuth Project Art 3D, proposes an experimental form workshop to the public in order to create a mini sculpture or contemporary jewels from a drawing by Alessio Orrù.

The drawing translated into a virtual drawing modelled in 3D allows the viewers / interactive-actors a virtual exploration of the artwork as well as the ability to extract a fragment of his choice, change its shape and transform it into a sculpture to wear as a jewel and print in 3D, during one exhibition or via website. The drawing becomes an interactive catalogue of forms.

Short history of the project

In my sculptor’s artistic practice, I create jewels and sculptures (wood, stone, bronze). I was always in a constant and solitary search of the development of the shape and the volume, of the discovery of new materials and new techniques. Applied to the drawing (in bi-dimension) with paper and ball-point as tools and media, I found myself in a process of sculpture on paper. The effect that we obtain with the light-dark contrast gives the possibility of cutting, of exploring surfaces, which give the impression that every line of pen is a track left by the gouge. As sculptor / draftsman, my drawings disturb the perception of the observer; they offer a view of a position within the space and the volumetric projection of shapes, I play with multiple perspectives realizing an illusion of a third dimension. The theme which I develop in my drawings evolves People in spaces, imaginary/impossible architectures where the organic and the inorganic coexist looking for harmony and for dissonance.

My desire to go farther to this research was born from this experiment of the 2D/3D, to open a field of possible to combine this practices by the use of the new technologies and to explore « the liveable space « inside the labyrinth of forms which I develop. I took contacts with an innovative company to allow me to experiment new instruments and to perform 3D O.B.P art 3D.


The artist’s preparatory drawings  allowed the modeller to approach the third dimension of the drawing itself and visualize its hidden face.

3D Modeling


The 3D modelling has been made by Marc Saison and Chronophage in closely collaboration with the artist. They used the software Blender to make the architectural forms and Zbrush for the organic ones.

Final artworks


Fragments of the drawing are printed in 3D in different materials so they become sculpture  or « wearable sculptures » (contemporary jewelry).

Project Staff

Alessio Orrù is the creator of the project and the drawer. Webpulser® is the product partner, he makes the online shop website and the 3D printing. Chronophage and Marc Saison are 3D modelators. Polifactory© is  in charge of all the graphic and website design tasks.  Adrien Fontaine is a computer programmer, he makes the interaction between the artwork and the public possible. And Charlotte Lanselle is the administrator of the project.