• Organica Bismuth Red
  • Organica Bismuth Red

About the Project

Title : Organica Bismuth red

Materials : stone, wood, pigment

Measures : 2,5m x 1,20m x 1m

Year : 2015

Organica Bismuth Red is composed of two bodies, a limestone sculpture and an architecture in cadmium red pigmented wood linked by this same cadmium red pigment.The installation stems directly from the artist’s “Organica Bismuth” graphic compositions: the bismuth materializes and gains in consistency by becoming a three-dimensional space in which the spectator is invited to project himself. Initially conceived as a model announcing the possibility of a monumental structure in which the spectator could move freely, the installation quickly became an autonomous work.Here, the organic element is a stone giving birth to a labyrinth of cadmium red shapes. It is this red, symbol of life, of energy – present in the form of pure pigments – which also makes the link between the organic and the architectural. In the basin, the contrast is striking between the opacity and the liveliness of the pigments, and the shine and the coldness of the stone. Affixed to each piece of the installation, the pigments form a very particular texture on the work. This materiality vibrates the assembly and gives it a certain lightness, as well as a notion of fragility which comes to reinforce the artisanal appearance claimed by the artist. The spectator feels, knows, when he observes the work, that he cannot touch it. He feels the volatile nature of the pigments and the instability of this architectural puzzle. The work protects itself, becoming almost impenetrable.The use of pure pigments also allows the creation of a texture that absorbs light and does not reflect the surrounding space. The boundary between the work and its place of exhibition becomes porous, which is corroborated by the importance of the shadow cast in space. This shadow evolves according to the place of the spectator, offering new perspectives, new points of view, new architectures in which to project. The spectator then becomes aware of the infinite and indefinite nature of bismuth.

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