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Su Entù,

wood (Weeping Willow), conicals plug, sailboat,

« The wind » in english, is a totem carved from an overturned weeping willow trunk, to which the artist has added a white sail from a sailboat that has sailed around the world. Part of the trunk is cut and assembled to form the mast.Two white halyards hoist and hold the sail; they are tied to wooden conical plugs.The sail immediately recreates the image of the boat in the collective imagination. It projects us facing the sea and the force of the wind. It gives direction. The tree trunk, when it projects us on the shore, as if stranded after a stormy day. However, it is not shaped by water but sculpted by the artist, leaving his mark like a sculptural journey Organica Bismuth. Conical plugs are used in the marine industry to plug leaks during urgent repairs. They carry with them the poetry of travel, adventure, and shipwreck.

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