About the Project


Installation/performance in public space.

Mikado is a project that mixes arts and sport. This artistic event, at the crossroads of installation and performance, transposes the « mikado » table game to public space by diverting a sporting object: the athletics pole.The rods are 5m high!

After the chaos of « dropping » chopsticks, the public is invited to experience the game.The notion of balance is central to the work: during the « drop » of the mikados but also in the relationship with the body of spec-actors. They are put in situation in the face of incredible proportions, which imply a new way of grasping the game, of grasping the space, of re-appropriating its barycenter in order to move its body.

In a fun way, « Mikado » suggests an artistic and plastic look at sports performance. He explores different complementary or opposite notions such as private space / public space, the individual / the collective, balance / imbalance, construction / deconstruction, order / chaos, randomness, l child / adult, play / life … »I use and divert the sporting context, more specifically the pole vault, by taking up its symbolic elements: the athlete, his body, his gestures, the instrument: the pole. I thus propose a living picture for the spectators while others, « the spec-actors » appropriate the boom operator’s instrument and enter into the action, by experiencing the game. « 

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