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 Trans Humus
Interactive Sound intallation, Sardinia

« Trans-humus » is an interactive sound installation / performance, which, as its name suggests, speaks of migrations; « trans » means « : » on the other side « et » humus « : » land, country « .

On hemispherical bases, bells of different sizes and sound tones are suspended by means of thin metal stems. Paper arrows pasted on the ground suggest several targets.

By swinging the devices with their hand or foot, spectators are invited to rattle the bells. The sounds created in this way evoke the sound of the shepherds’ transhumance. A « liquid » sound that follows the movement of the participants and pervades the surrounding space. Melody in constant change, speaks of the territory traveled, which recalls the constant and arduous search for green and nutritious pastures. Phenomenon comparable to the migrations of man in search of hope, embodied here by the incessant sound of bells. But what is a border?

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